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Cutting-Edge Security & AV Protection

Imagine IT works with a 3rd Generation anti-virus and cyber-security tool with an AI core, which is the primary distinction between 1st and 2nd generation AV compared to 3rd Generation.  The AI core is able to block a higher total number of malicious code artifacts from detonating on end-points managed by Imagine IT.  

2nd and 3rd Generation AV technologies have generally become overly complex for even seasoned IT professionals; the input and output from these modern systems is highly technical, requiring one or more specialized staff members to interact with.  

What Are the Benefits of 3rd Generation AV

While there is an obvious benefit from using a 3rd Generation AV product, there are also additional benefits to these systems – mainly that the team managing the tool(s) have an increased situational awareness not only of the major threats, but also nuanced threats and alerts to systems that may not be regarded as ‘critical’ in the business infrastructure.  

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Most companies simply do not have a cyber-security technician on staff, much less multiple security experts. This leaves an average company or an average IT organization with a significant pain point; no team members that have the time, energy or industry-specific skills to take advantage of the increased situational awareness provided by modern cyber-security implementations.  

Imagine IT has multiple team members qualified and ready to act on situations that present themselves, ready to go, for you, right now.  Imagine IT goes above and beyond the average call-of-duty to protect its customers in the ever increasingly dangerous business cyber battlefield.  

How We Implement 3rd Generation AV

Imagine IT deploys cutting edge technology to protect you, and has the cyber-warriors on staff to lead you successfully through the battlefield on mission and on point.  

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The first mission for the Imagine IT cyber-warrior team is to complete a sophisticated and granular study of your existing day-to-day and critical systems – ensuring best-fit implementations without impairing usability.  

Upon the completion of the initial configuration and scouring of your infrastructure, Imagine IT LOCKS the system down with a much higher degree of security provided by the 1st and 2nd generation systems.  

Imagine IT will also specifically select security technology that does not produce slow computers for end users, a major problem of 2nd Generation systems.

If you don’t have a cyber-security warrior on your team – consider contacting Imagine IT to start a conversation.